Koji Kawamura



Associate Professor

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  • Kyoto University   Faculty of Agriculture   JAPAN

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  • Kyoto University  Graduate School, Division of Agriculture  Doctor's Course  Completed  JAPAN

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  • Aquatic life science

  • Conservation of biological resources

  • Horticultural science


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  • Oil-producing micro alga, Botryococcus braunii: Quest for fast-growing wild strains and towards elucidation of cryptic life history

    Koji Kawamura  ( Single Work )

    ( Hokuryukan ) 5 ( 10 ) 49 - 52   2021.09

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal)  Japanese

  • A conceptual framework for the study of modular responses to local environmental heterogeneity within the plant crown and a review of related concepts

    Koji Kawamura  ( Single Work )

    Ecological Research     2010.07

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal)  English

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  • Microalgae as potential resource for red, white, and green biotechnology

    Koji Kawamura

    International conference  The 1st OCTAL International conference on Natural products from Tropical Rainforest, Sustainable Development, and Environmental Studies  ( Online (Zoom) )  Oral Presentation(key)


  • 微細緑藻Botryococcus braunii S品種はS品種特異的な炭化水素を作らない

    上杉一馬・松永茂樹・岡田 茂・河村耕史

    Internal meeting  令和3年度水産学会春季大会  ( オンライン )  Oral Presentation(general)


  • Screening of new genetic rersources of the hydrocarbon-producing microalga Botryococcus braunii

    Hirano K, Hara T, Ardianor A, Segah H, Sulmin G, Kawamura K

    International conference  The 5th Alga Europe Conference  ( Park Plaza, Amsterdam Airport, the Netherlands )  Poster (general)


  • Microalgae for red, white and green biotechnology


    International conference  The 2nd International Conference on Mathematics, Science and Computer Science (ICMSC) 2018  ( Novotel Hotel, Balikpapan, Indonesia )  Oral Presentation(key)


  • Sequence and copy number variation of Ty1/copia retrotransposon RoRE1 in the rose genome

    Shungo Otagaki, Takeshi Nakao, Hibrand-Saint Oyant, Fabrice Foucher, Shogo Matsumoto, Koji Kawamura

    International conference  VII International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation  ( Agrocampus Ouest, Angers, France )  Poster (general)


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