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Water Supply and Sewage System

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  • Osaka Institute of Technology   Faculty of Engineering   JAPAN

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  • Kitami Institute of Technology  Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Master's Course  Completed  JAPAN

  • Hokkaido University  Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Doctor's Course  Completed  JAPAN

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  • 1999.04


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  • 2019.04


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  • Civil and environmental engineering

  • Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system


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  • Effects of Organic Matter in Livestock Manure Digester Liquid on Microbial Community Structure and In Situ Activity of Anammox Granules

    T. Kindaichi, T. Awata, Y. Mugimoto, R. M. L. D. Rathnayake, S. Kasahara and H. Satoh  ( Multiple Authorship )

    Chemosphere   159   300 - 307   2016.09

    Research paper (scientific journal)  English

  • Performance of Direct Sand Filtration System with Super Fine Silica Sand

    S. Kasahara, S. Minami and M. Ishikawa  ( Multiple Authorship )

    Proceedings of 2014 IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition     2014.09


  • Performance of Shallow Bed Filter Packed with Super Fine Silica Sand

    S. Kasahara, S. Minami and M. Ishikawa  ( Multiple Authorship )

    Proceedings of Specialist Conference on Advances in Particle Science and Separation: from mm to nm Scale and Beyond     2014.06


  • Biofilm Accumulation Characteristics of Heterotrophic Bacteria in Tap Water Produced by Biological Activated Carbon Process

    S. Kasahara and M. Ishikawa

    Proceedings of The 5th International Slow Sand and Alternative Biological Filtration Conference     2014.06


Books 【 display / non-display

  • Progress in Slow Sand and Alternative Biofiltration Processes - Further Developments and Applications

    S.Kasahara et al.  ( Joint Work )

    IWA (International Water Association) Publishing    Scholarly Book  English