Takamichi Kondo




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  • Osaka Institute of Technology   Faculty of Engineering   JAPAN

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  • Osaka Institute of Technology  Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Master's Course  Completed  JAPAN

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  • 2012.03

    Japanese Society for Engineering Education  JAPAN

  • 2016.04

    The Society of instrument Control Engineers  JAPAN

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  • Perceptual information processing

  • Educational technology

  • Science education

  • Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems

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  • Electrical Work Person (second kind)


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  • Proposal for all direction moving mechanism named the Mecanumu crawlar that has features of crawler and mecanum wheel

    Takamichi KONDO, Yukitoshi IHARA, Hideki IWATA, Hiroshi FUSE, Kazuya WATARAI, Nobuo YAMATO, Ryuzo BABA  ( Multiple Authorship )


    Research paper (scientific journal)  Japanese

  • (1A5-03)Suggestion of the Ankle Mechanism for Torque Reduction of the Humanoid Robots Using the Four-Bar Linkage

    Takamichi KONDO (Osaka Institute of Technology), Yukitoshi IHARA (Osaka Institute of Technology), Shun USHIDA (Osaka Institute of Technology), Ryuji IKEDA (Osaka Institute of Technology) and Hiroshi TAKANO (Vstone Co.,Ltd. )  ( Multiple Authorship )

        49 - 49   2018.12

    Research paper (other science council materials etc.)  Japanese

  • Cooperation of Telepresence OverIP System "TPIP3" and humanoid robot control CPU board used in a Humanoid Rescue Robot Contest

     ( Multiple Authorship )

        3B5-15 - 3B5-15   2017.12

    Research paper (research society, symposium materials, etc.)  Japanese

  • Seamless walk and simple master slave that I used in a human rescue robot contest

     ( Single Author )



  • Short-term Concentration Type Creational Education Using the Yao Robot Contest -Trial to learn the team play of the Osaka Institute of Technology MONOLAB. robot project-

     ( Multiple Authorship )

        18 - 19  


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