Jeremy Eades (ジェレミー デビッド イーズ)

Jeremy Eades




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  • パデュー大学   外国語学部   アメリカ合衆国

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  • ニューイングランド大学 (オーストラリア)  言語科学研究科  修士課程  修了  日本国

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  • University of New England (Australia) -  TESOL (Linguistics)  Applied Linguistics

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  • 2018年12月

    日本自律学習学会  日本国

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  • 2013年10月

    The Language Teacher   Final Proofreader


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  • From Zero to Hero: How We Increased the Users of Our ‘Free Conversation’ Service

    Alexander Worth, Christopher Cladis, Jeremy Eades  ( 単著 )

    From Zero to Hero: How We Increased the Users of Our ‘Free Conversation’ Service     2020年

    研究論文(国際会議プロシーディングス)  英語

  • Willingness to Communicate (WTC) Intervention Activities for the EFL Japanese University Context

    Kevin Garvey, Jeremy Eades  ( 共著 )

    Studies in Linguistics and Language Teaching     2018年

    研究論文(大学,研究機関紀要)  英語

  • Investigating the effects on self-efficacy of communicating in Minecraft, a digitally-mediated environment

    Stuart Champion, Jeremy Eades  ( 単著 )

    Studies in Linguistics and Language Teaching   25 ( 42 )   2015年

    研究論文(大学,研究機関紀要)  英語


ティーチング・ポートフォリオ 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 2021年度


    My educational philosophy is that the most effective way to help a student improve their English ability is for them to have meaningful communication in situations that are relevant to them. These circumstances vary widely from student to student, and so necessitate a variety of options that students can choose from.


    I am fortunate to work in a Self-Access Learning Center that is willing to provide these opportunities, ranging from academic pursuits such as giving presentations about their research projects in English and participating in PBL events, to more recreational pursuits such as watching visual media in English or creating fun hands-on craft projects in an English environment.


    In the future, I would like to develop more concrete crafting projects that might be of interest to students, and hopefully bring in students who may not have a high English ability but wish to be in an English-speaking space. This would work together with OIT’s technical prowess to provide interesting opportunities to create something tangible and use English while doing so.

担当授業科目(学内) 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Study abroad elective   ( 講義 )

    Elective class designed to prepare students planning on studying abroad later in the year. Focus on useful language in navigating a city or interacting with hosts.

  • PBL Preparation Course   ( 講義 )

    Course designed to prepare students who are doing the International PBL course. Focus on language useful in teams.

  • English for Academic Research   ( 講義 )

    Course taught at Hirakata campus. The focus is on preparing 4th year students to prepare a poster presentation of their senior project.

  • English for Academic Presentations   ( 講義 )

    Taught 2 sections per academic year at Omiya campus, and one section per academic year at Hirakata campus.

  • Free Conversation   ( 講義 )

    Lunchtime session designed to allow students with flexible free time to join a conversation. This works to both promote the LLC and its services, as well as permit students to develop a comfortable sense of belonging in the LLC space.

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  • English for Academic Presentations


    教科書  共同

    共同者名:Alexander Worth, Christopher Cladis 

  • PBL Preparation Course


    eラーニング  共同

    共同者名:Christopher Cladis  主たる利用者:PBL students