Cladis Christopher (クラディス クリストファー)

Cladis Christopher






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  • From Zero to Hero: The Story of a Free Conversation Service

    Christopher Cladis, Alexander Worth, Jeremy Eades  ( 単著 )

    JASAL Journal     2020年06月

    研究論文(大学,研究機関紀要)  英語

  • 実践的英語力測定指標の “外部評価”

    *椋平 淳, 森實 俊充, 山崎 敦子, ウォース アレクサンダー, クラディス クリストファー  ( 共著 )

    工学教育研究講演会     2018年08月

    研究論文(研究会,シンポジウム資料等)  日本語

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  • Insights 2023

    Junko Murao, Akiko Miyama, Tomoko Tsujimoto  ( 共著   担当範囲:Comprehension, Summary )

    Kinseido  2023年04月  教科書  日本語


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  • 2020年度


    In my career and in my teaching at Osaka Institute of Technology, I have tended toward a communicative teaching approach. This means I have made communicative activities and group work the cornerstone of most of my lessons. This can take the form of small mini projects or text analysis, giving students opportunities to discover aspects of the language and then experiment with what they have found. I also believe in fostering an environment of inclusion and one where students and teachers can feel open to expressing opinions and thoughts without fear of reprisal or ridicule.


    The PBL course that I have designed, as well as additional materials for the English for Academic Presentations and Academic English for Researchers courses, embodies my educational philosophy. Short and long term projects, group work, and activities that give students opportunities to learn through communication are found throughout those materials.


    I will seek to research and design additional activities for the courses at the LLC, as well as for use during Free Conversation activities, Consultation Room sessions, and special events, such as seasonal parties. The enjoyable, easy to access nature of these activities will hopefully draw more students to the LLC where we can work together to meet their English learning needs.

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  • Study Abroad Elective   ( 講義 )

    Delivered a course designed to prepare students for situations they are likely to encounter during their study abroad programs.

  • Academic English for Researchers   ( 講義 )

    Taught class for fourth year students who are planning to pursue their Master's degrees at OIT. This class is designed to give students an opportunity to create a poster and a script to be delivered alongside the poster. There is also material designed to help students improve presentation skills and ability to communicate in social and professional situations at international conferences. This class was taught at Umeda Campus.

  • ものづくりデザイン思考実践演習Ⅰの英語授業 (PBL Preparation Course)   ( 講義 )

    A class taught across 2 sections to approximately 150 students who were preparing to participate in PBL and study abroad programs. I was the primary designer of the course curriculum and materials and created supplementary materials as needed throughout the course.

  • Consultation Room   ( その他 )

    Working 1 on 1 with students to meet their individual needs as it concerns their English studies. This takes the form of participation in the LLC Speaking Program, conversation practice, academic presentation practice, checking academic articles/slides, and whatever other needs students might have.

  • English for Academic Presentations   ( 講義 )

    This class is designed to prepare students for international conferences by giving them an opportunity to produce a presentation about their masters research. Students are trained in the areas of content production, visual aids production, presentation skills, and the ability to handle a question and answer session in English. Every student get individual support throughout the semester to ensure that their presentations are suitable for delivery at international conferences. The material is constantly updated by the LLC team based on past experience. This year, the material was supplemented with interactive quizzes produced by the teachers at the LLC that included multimedia material, such as videos and music.

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  • English for Academic Presentations (Online)


    eラーニング  共同

    共同者名:Alexander Worth, Jeremy Eades 

  • ものづくりデザイン思考実践演習Ⅰの英語授業 (PBL Preparation Course)


    視聴覚教材  共同

  • ものづくりデザイン思考実践演習Ⅰの英語授業 (PBL Preparation Course)


    視聴覚教材  共同

    共同者名:Alexander Worth, Jeremy Eades 

  • Project Based Learning Course


    その他  共同

    共同者名:Alexander Worth, Danielle Fischer, Ashley Moore 

  • Extensive Reading Program Guide


    その他  共同

    共同者名:Ashley Moore