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  • What is explicitly communicated by the adverbial 'the other way (a)round'?

    Yusuke Minami, Takahiro Honda, Eri Tanaka  ( Single Author )

    Enhancement and extension of English Linguistics     2020.03

    Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)  Japanese

  • Explicit communicated content of the other way (a)round and its interpretive process

    Yoko Yonekura, Osamu Yamamoto, Ryosaku Asai  ( Single Author )

    Festschrift in honor of Kimihiro Yoshimura     2020.03

    Research paper (research society, symposium materials, etc.)  Japanese

  • A Descriptive Study of the other way (a)round

    Naohiko Kurokawa  ( Single Author )

    Memoirs of Osaka Institute of Technology     2019.01

    Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)  English

Books 【 display / non-display

  • AXIS Genius English-Japanese Dictionary

    Mitsuo Nakamura  ( Joint Editor )

    Taishukan    Dictionary/Encyclopedia  Japanese

  • Linguistic Meaning, Truth Conditions and Relevance: The Case of Concessives

    Michiko Takeuchi, Naohiko Kurokawa, Daisuke Yamada  ( Joint Translation )

    Hituzi Shobo    Scholarly Book  Japanese

Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Pragmatics of the other way (a)round

    Naohiko Kurokawa

    International conference  The 52nd Annual Meeting of Osaka University (School of Letters)  ( Osaka University )  Oral Presentation(general)


  • Concepts that do not contribute to explicature: the case of the other way (a)round

    Internal meeting  The Pragmatics Society of Japan  Oral Presentation(general)